Project outcomes

The Moor Heating project has raised awareness of renewable heating within the Esk Valley and surrounding area and has helped ‘spread the word’ on how renewable heating can assist householders to reduce the cost of heating, reduce their carbon footprint and help alleviate fuel poverty. The project has assisted the inception of Moor Sustainable CIC which will continue to promote biomass boilers, solar thermal panels and heat pumps and aspire to set up a biomass user network.  Moor Sustainable CIC will help keep the Esk Valley Community Energy Group up-to-date with the latest Government initiatives.

Over 40 households expressed interest in changing their heating systems.  Through the project, 5 biomass boilers and 2 air source heat pumps have been installed, which will create a ripple effect leading to further installations once the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is introduced.  An additional air source heat pump has been installed outside the scheme as the chosen installer was not MCS registered.  The installer matched the RHPP community discount so that they could use the installation to gain MCS registration.  In addition, several households decided that due to the nature of their renewable heating needs the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive was more appropriate.  We have also heard of a couple of local hotels installing biomass pellet boilers on a commercial scale.

There were many reasons why people decided not to take up the RHPP grants or opt for ground source heat pumps/solar thermal panels, e.g. property difficult to insulate, moving house, too expensive, not practical, waiting for confirmation of Renewable Heat Incentive.

Moving forward

Whilst the Moor Heating project promoting Renewable Heat Premium Payment Community grants has finished, Renewable Heat Premium Payment grants are still available towards installing renewable heating in the run up to the planned introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive in 2014.

Visit the Energy Saving Trust website to find out more about renewable heating technologies and factors to consider before going ahead.

Moor Sustainable CIC will continue the work of promoting renewable heating in the North York Moors and surrounding areas through its links with the Esk Valley Community Energy Group.