Biomass pellet boilers

image of 24 compactBiomass pellet boilers are the renewable heat technology in which the majority of households expressed an interest in through the Moor Heating project.

Therefore as part of the project, a visit to see a newly installed biomass pellet boiler and biomass workshop was run on Saturday 9th February at Danby Village Hall, 2.00 – 4.00pm (re-arranged from 26th January due to weather).

2.00 – 2.30pm:
  • visit to see first Moor Heating installation of biomass pellet boiler (short walk from village hall)
  • refreshments available in hall
2.30 – 4.00pm: workshop in Danby Village Hall
  • hear about the first installation of a biomass boiler through the project;
  • find out how to live with a biomass boiler;
  • discover where to buy pellets; and
  • discuss setting up a pellet ‘buying ring’.

The workshop was well attended with over 50 visitors during the afternoon.

Stephen Larkin provided an insight into having a biomass pellet boiler installed, including difficulties that arose during the installation.  He also presented the findings from his research into the supply of pellets.  Solarwall answered a wide range of questions relating to biomass pellet boiler technology.  Caryn Loftus outlined the factors that need to be considered in setting up a pellet buying group.

Resources produced to help those thinking of having a biomass bolier installed

Moor Heating first pellet boiler Feb 2013 – presentation, with notes, covering installation of biomass pellet boiler.

Moor Heating Wood pellets, suppliers and costs February 2013 – information sheet.

Moor Heating pellet sources and buying Feb 2013 – presentation, with notes, looking at factors to consider when buying pellets.

Video clip showing how to operate a biomass pellet boiler, provided by Solarwall.

The tour of Botton Village community, Danby YO21 2NJ, planned for the 26th January took place on Saturday 16th March.  18 people attended the short tour which looked at the different renewable heat technologies they have installed, including a biomass pellet boiler. Whilst the houses are larger at Botton than standard houses and therefore need larger heating systems, visitors can see the steps the community have taken to reduce their carbon footprint by insulating properties and installing renewable heat technologies.

To find out more about the Moor Heating project please contact Caryn Loftus, Moor Heating project manager by email  or phone 01642 723137.