Moor Heating

The Moor Heating project (October 2012 – June 2013) was a renewable heating initiative for communities in the North York Moors.  The project was organised by local residents who have now formed a new Community Interest Company – Moor Sustainable and was funded by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, administered by the Energy Saving Trust.  Support was provided by Scarborough Borough Council, CO2Sense and Yorkshire Energy Partnership.  In addition to Government funded grants, the Moor Heating project arranged discounts with installer Solarwall, a member of Yorkshire Energy Partnership’s Northern Renewable Network.

The project helped people who live in the North York Moors National Park and do not have mains gas to reduce their heating bills.  Residents off the gas-network generally have higher heating energy bills due to reliance on more expensive fuel sources to heat their homes.

Heating bills can be reduced through energy efficiency measures such as loft insulation or by changing heating systems, for example, switching to a renewable source of energy by replacing your oil/coal boiler with one using wood pellets or heating your water by installing solar hot water panels onto your roof.

Therefore, the aim of the Moor Heating project was two-fold: (a) help residents reduce their fuel bills by providing free advice on improving energy efficiency and the availability of grants for practical measures such as loft and wall insulation; and (b) help residents to get a discount and grant to help with the costs of installing renewable heat technologies.

Renewable heat technologies include solar thermal panels to heat water, biomass boilers which burn wood pellets, air source heat pumps, and ground source heat pumps.

Energy Centre bus

Energy Centre bus

As part of the project the Energy Centre Bus visited Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby, Staithes and Danby with ideas on cutting energy bills and information on different heating systems and the grants/discounts available.

Following expressions of interest from over 25 local residents, an application was made to the Energy Saving Trust for Renewable Heat Premium Payment Community grants.  We were successful in obtaining grants at the level we requested.

From the start of the project it was strongly recommended that householders obtain at least two or three quotes so that they can get the system that is right for their property.  Feedback from the first two biomass pellet boiler installations and a survey of those who have expressed interest has suggested that it is more important to be able to choose an MCS accredited installer to access the Renewable Heating Premium Payment community grant than to have a group discount through using one installer.

Therefore, in consultation with the Energy Saving Trust, the Moor Heating project was amended so that the householder could choose their own installer and access the grant. Installers used by households in the project:

Solarwall (York), GSN Renewables (Middlesbrough), Life’s Energy (Scarborough)

Read the project outcomes or to find out more about the project contact: Caryn Loftus, the project manager, on 01642 723137 or email or contact Clare Churley, project worker, on 01947 840708.

Note: to avoid confusion with the company Moor Heat LLP in Cornwall we changed the name of the project to Moor Heating.